Skoura to Tinghir

Today I started early, because I arrived late yesterday 🙂 and Rode from Skoura to Boulmane-du-Dades which is the entry point to the most beautifull senic ride i know so far. It starts with the canyon Gorges du Dades goes up on more or less tarmac in the mountains, after Msemir its gravel and sand, mostly gravel and goes up to almost 3000m in a Mars like landscape. In Agoudal you reach a tarmac street again and so far the trip had been outstanding, it now gets bis toping with the canyon Gorges du Thodra. Finally reached Tinhir, got invited to tea by an booked out Riad, where I dropped my Garmin to the floor thus destroying it and ended up in a very modern mansion d’hote.

Can’t upload the pics, cause I did not figure out how to set up WordPress to allow for larger size pics, but will check when home.

So tomorrow begins the no Garmin old school time, and the people who know me, know how lost I can get without navigation 😉 (I am so used to it, it just makes live easy) – but I have a very good paper map and thanks to Loc2roues a mapsme offline mobile phone navigation solution as backup.

By the way big thank you at Lea Rieck ( for the perfect route advise.

Tomorrow I will decide based on the weather, if I am brave enough for the Tizi-n-Tazazert from Tinhir to N’Kob, despite nobody that did it the other way would do it this way and nobody who did it this way would recommend to do it so, or go the chicken route over Alnif and Tazzarine.

First thing now – go sleep 😉

4 thoughts on “Skoura to Tinghir

  1. Lucky, send the pics you wish to post via mail to yourself. Take „middle sized“ if your mail program asks for the size. Then upload the „new“ images. WP will accept them. At home you can change the pics if you want. It‘s a bit of work but it‘s better than no pics. We always go this way during our trips.

  2. Thanks for the hint. Will be home tomorrow and check possible solutions for the size limitation of pics and also for the “autocorrection” which tries to correct my English or German all the time …

    1. It just means the direction “from Skoura to Tinghir”, which is the way I travelled, although I am not quite sure with the spelling of the villages sometimes it is “Tinghir” sometimes “Tinhir”.

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