From dusk till dawn

Today I started with a really big breakfast and then was up and away and had to decide “Men or mouse?”. So destination set Tezi-n-Tazazert, without navigation system it took me some circles to find the right street, luckily they put a big “road under constduction” sign on the entrance, which included the road number. The street up to the mountain pass ranged from “brand new” (easy to drive), to “under constduction” – which mostly included very tiny gravel (loose chipoings) – (hard to drive). Everything changed with the side rode to N’Kob, which took me only one cycle to find, they had a sign for it if you come from Boulmane-du-Dades. This side rode was all dirt and dust (easy to ride) until it did go down, which was mostly solid rock and a bit bumpy, the first 5 km very steep, but as a car wide dirt track and in very nice slopes downwards (moderate to ride). After 10kms it got easier to ride and down to a very nice valley. The last 5 km they had another rode under construction, with no alternate side rode available, this had big gravel (size of big cherrys or small tomatoes) and was very hard to ride, and after that you end up near a gas station in N’Kob (don’t know how people find the entrance to the road on this side). For me that was time for a much desired cold Coke 🙂

From N’KOB it’s a wonderful new tarmac road all the way through the dessert, the Däar valley (found it @Jürgen) over the mountains to Quarzazate.

What a beautifull day 😀


2 thoughts on “From dusk till dawn

  1. What a beautiful Day…..
    Kannst dich noch an Vortrag ich weiß seine Namen nicht mehr der ein Tagein gegessen hat erinnern?

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